EMA: blood problems as ‘very rare’ side effect of Janssen vaccine

#Janssen is trending off and on on Twitter today. Many people hope that Janssen can be injected soon, especially now that the side effects must be considered very rare.

Thrombosis and platelet deficiency should be considered as very rare side effects of the corona vaccine developed by the Dutch company Janssen. Therefore, a warning should be included in the package leaflet of the vaccine for the very low risk of these serious blood problems.

EMA conclusion about Janssen

The safety committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has reached this conclusion. The EMA does say right away that the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh the risks. After all, the vaccine prevents serious illness and deaths.

“The EMA has looked carefully, identified 8 cases of thrombosis in 7 million people and advises: Benefits outweigh a very rare side effect. As expected. This means that the Netherlands can continue with Janssen. And so we keep pushing us out of the crisis ”, encourages Jan Paternotte (D66). He’s not alone. “Indeed… and on !! #tjoptjop. ”

The committee further investigated eight reports from the United States of people who shortly after their corona prick were affected by a dangerous combination of thrombosis (clot formation) and low platelet counts. One woman died from blood clots in her brain. In total, about 7 million Americans have received the vaccine developed in Leiden.

More women and under 60

The experts of the European regulator say they cannot name specific risk factors. They do mention that all Americans who experienced the serious side effects were under the age of 60. The majority were women. They had complaints within three weeks of their injection.

About the Janssen company

Janssen is a subsidiary company vfrom the American Johnson & Johnson. The US authorities suspended use of the vaccine last week because of the reports. The pharmaceutical company then decided to postpone its rollout in Europe as a precaution. The company called on countries to which it had already delivered doses not to use them yet. The Netherlands had just received the first nearly 80,000 doses and responded to the call. The US authorities are expected to decide on Friday whether their country will proceed with the Janssen vaccine.

There is some confusion on social media about where Janssen comes from:

Compared to AstraZeneca

Thrombosis and platelet deficiency have also been recorded as possible but very rare side effects of AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine. EMA calls the cases now being investigated “very similar”. Because the blood problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine mainly occurred in relatively young women, that vaccine is currently only given to people aged 60 and older in the Netherlands.

For them, the risk of becoming seriously ill with or dying from the coronavirus is much greater than the risk of vaccine side effects. Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge is still looking at the option of giving people under the age of 60 the freedom to choose the AstraZeneca vaccine after their own consideration.

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EMA: blood problems as ‘very rare’ side effect of Janssen vaccine

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