Endangered Surinamese journalist gets security

The Surinamese government has decided to arrange security for the threatened journalist Jason Pinas. Yesterday, two hand grenades were found under his brother’s car, which was parked near the journalist’s house.

Pinas, who works for De Ware Tijd, spoke of an attack and said he is very concerned about his safety. The government now recognizes the danger and stated in a press conference that press freedom is a great asset that must be respected.

Minister Ramdin said the case could also affect the international image of his country. “I have been called from all kinds of embassies. Situations like this do not help to improve our image internationally. Press freedom is the norm of a civilized society and a fundamental right; we take action because we are also shocked.”

Phone taken away

Two weeks ago, Pinas made the headlines after security guards from Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk took his phone and dealt with him roughly. In that case, the Public Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute the suspects because there were no injuries.

Pinas does not agree with this and requests the Public Prosecution Service to prosecute after all. He also wants images of the incident to be released, a demand in which he is supported by the Surinamese Association of Journalists.

Pinas stated after the press conference in which security was announced that he is happy with the commitments. “I notice that they have taken it seriously,” said the journalist, who is concerned about his entire profession. “I am concerned for the safety of me and my family and also of all other colleagues who are under attack. As this can happen to me, it can happen to any other colleague.”