Erasmus University students threaten lawsuit over anti-spyware | NOW

Erasmus University Rotterdam should stop requiring a second camera during online exams, according to university council students. The students threaten to sue if that does not happen, writes NRC Thursday.

Students taking an exam at home must film themselves from both the front and the back of the university with a webcam and smartphone. With the help of so-called proctoring software, educational institutions can watch during exams to prevent cheating. Many schools and universities have been using this software since pupils and students are at home because of the corona virus.

Erasmus University is the only university that requires a second camera during exams. The board says it is necessary, because without that second camera, fraud can take place with a cheat sheet on or behind the computer screen.

At the end of January, students from the university council wrote in an open letter that they disagree. “Proctoring increases student stress during exams and can feel like an invasion of privacy in these already difficult times,” they wrote. Nearly 800 people signed the letter.

It wouldn’t be the first time that proctoring has led to a lawsuit. In June last year, the Central Student Council of the University of Amsterdam filed a case against the university. The judge then ruled that no unlawful infringement of the privacy of students was committed.


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