EU institutions were the target of ‘significant cyber attack’ last week | NOW

Several institutions of the European Union, including the European Commission, experienced a “significant cyber attack” last week. A spokesman for the committee says against Bloomberg that the case is being investigated, but that it is too early to draw conclusions.

According to the spokesman, this is a “security incident in the IT infrastructure”. What exactly happened is still unclear. An initiate explains Bloomberg that the attack was serious enough to notify senior officials of the commission. The attack would also have been more extensive than usual.

According to the spokesperson, no data breach has yet been discovered. According to another source of Bloomberg Staff from EU institutions were recently told to watch out for potential phishing attempts. Phising is a method in which malicious parties try to steal personal information, such as login or bank details, with fake emails or texts.

Government agencies and other organizations often face cyber attacks. Last month it was announced that the European Banking Authority (EBA) was the target of a cyber attack. This is linked to China and, according to experts, has provided access to data from tens of thousands of organizations. At the end of last year, several government agencies in the United States were hacked, probably by Russians to gather information, according to intelligence services.


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