European Championship director De Jong is happy with 12,000 fans, but he does not like extra duels

Gijs de Jong, tournament director of the European Championship duels in Amsterdam, speaks of ‘a memorable day’. Football association KNVB has presented a plan whereby at least 12,000 fans can sit in the stands for the three group matches and the eighth final of the European Championship in the Johan Cruijff Arena.

De Jong hopes that that number will increase sharply when the limitations that the corona virus entails decrease. “I still hope for that. 12,000 is a good start,” he says.

“The Netherlands-Latvia was played with 5,500 people, this is double. We will work hard in the coming weeks to see if we can go to 20,000 or 30,000. That would of course be great.”

Development of the virus

Yet it is also possible that there are less than 12,000 people in the stands in the duels of the Dutch national team against Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia.

“If the virus develops in a different way, everything can change”, De Jong is realistic. “As it looks now, we will be out of the current situation in June, partly because of the vaccination and the summer ahead. That’s what this decision is based on.”