European Parliament approves new EU budget | NOW

After the EU budget was scuppered by a previous veto by Hungary and Poland, an amended version of the budget was approved by the European Parliament on Wednesday evening. A large majority agreed with the budget of 1.8 trillion euros.

This concerns the EU budget for the years 2021-2027, which also includes the corona recovery fund of 750 billion euros. In the previous budget, this corona aid was linked to provisions on respecting the rule of law. Hungary and Poland opposed this link and refused to accept the earlier proposal. Both countries are accused of not respecting the rule of law and the free press.

Germany came up with a compromise proposal earlier this month, which the two Eastern European countries could agree with. On Wednesday, parliament also agreed, with 548 of the 705 parliamentarians agreeing. The EU member states still have to formally approve the budget, but that is a formality.

Earlier in the day, the European Parliament agreed to the rule of law test, which allows the European Commission to withdraw subsidies if the rule of law in the host Member State is so poor that the money does not end up properly. Plans for new European taxes also received the blessing of parliament.


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