Facebook brings its own dating service to the Netherlands | NOW

Facebook has released its own dating service in the Netherlands and all other countries of the European Union, the company announced on Wednesday.

Facebook Dating allows users to create a separate dating profile that allows them to be matched with other users of the service. Facebook competes with apps such as Tinder.

The dating service is integrated into the Facebook app and uses entered interests to find a good match. In addition, it looks at usage data from Facebook to get a better idea with whom someone can be linked.

Find out which friends are in love

In addition, Facebook Dating includes a range of additional features, including the Secret Crush option. By default, the dating service does not match users with their friends, but that happens when both people say they have a crush on each other.

Facebook already started the dating service in September 2019, which was then limited to a limited number of countries. Initially, the plan was to add the option for European users in early 2020.

Dating is separate from Facebook

The company promises in a press release to ensure the privacy of users. For example, the Dating option is only activated after users have created an account for it within their Facebook profile.

The dating profile must be separate from the main account, so that a like on Facebook Dating is not just visible on the regular social network.


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