Facebook is working on its own smartwatch

Are you looking for a new smartwatch and do you want the latest of the latest? Then it might be worth your while to be patient. Facebook is developing its own smartwatch.

After AR glasses and its own crypto coin, the social medium is now also looking at whether a smartwatch is possible. Facebook’s Vice President of Reality Labs Andrew Bosworth — aka Boz — confirmed on Twitter that a range of possibilities are being explored.

Facebook smartwatch is possible

But, he says, research does not mean that things are actually produced. “We are researching EMG, haptics and adaptive interfaces. That can come together in the form of a watch,” he responds. He quotes a tweet from Alex Heath, tech journalist at The Verge. It reports that there are presumably two cameras, which can be used as GoPro, in the watch. One is for video calling, the other camera is for taking beautiful pictures.

Bosworth says that the hardware that is being developed must have value. “We are investing in technology that makes interactions feel more natural and intuitive.” The AR glasses that may be coming would connect to the watch.

Competition with Apple

Facebook’s watch must according to The Verge be the counterpart of Apple’s smartwatch. The hardware of the social medium should be launched next summer. The watch should be easy to integrate with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the three social platforms are owned by the tech giant. This way you can immediately share the captured snapshots with all your friends and followers. As far as Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is concerned, Facebook as a global society is being worked on.

If you ask Bosworth, we’ll just have to be patient. “We will share more information when we are ready,” he said. He says that investigations are underway into various product developments and that these investigations do not necessarily mean that a product will also come onto the market. A Facebook spokesperson said he has nothing to add to the tweets.

Are you preying on the possible new hype? Then it is wise to put money aside in advance. according to The Verge the watch will cost about $400.

Will you soon have to pay to use Facebook and Instagram?

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Facebook is investigating possibilities for its own smartwatch

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