Facebook users in Australia can no longer view or share news | NOW

Facebook has made it impossible for Australians to view or share news via the social medium. The American company does this because it does not agree with an Australian bill that forces Facebook to pay publishers for news.

Google is at odds with the Australian government for the same reason. The company threatens to withdraw from the country with its search engine if it is forced to comply with the new rules.

Facebook says it has faced two choices on Wednesday: “Trying to abide by a law that defines the reality of the relationship [tussen Facebook en uitgevers] ignore, or no longer allow news in Australia on our services. ”So the company opts for the latter.

Australian news outlets can no longer post messages on their Facebook page due to the measures. Social media is a way for news organizations to bring articles, videos and other productions to the attention of the public.

News organizations outside Australia can still post things to Facebook, but Australians cannot see or share those posts.

Facebook already threatened to take this measure in August, but said it would only do so when the law actually enters into force. That is not yet the case: the law has yet to be approved by the Australian parliament.


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