‘Fewer and fewer ‘slow’ charging stations along the highway, is that just possible?’

Car editor Niek Schenk answers: ‘There is indeed a trend to replace the older, slower charging stations along highways with fast chargers. The operators do this because most electric drivers regard charging along the highway as a last resort. They only use it if they really have to and want to continue as soon as possible. Most drivers prefer to charge at home or at work. They don’t notice much of that, but they have to keep themselves busy along the highway.’

‘At the same time, the number of electric cars is still increasing and it is precisely the latest models that can handle fast chargers very well. If you have an electric car with somewhat older technology, most charging stations can still be found within built-up areas. But fast charging is also starting to become a trend there. I understand that this is an annoying development for drivers with an older electric car. But you can hardly force the operators to invest in somewhat outdated charging technology.’

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