Fire hazard Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid does not appear to be resolved quickly

The fire can be caused by a short circuit in the battery pack. This can happen while driving, but also when the car is parked. In total, around 21,000 plug-in hybrids of the Kuga already delivered in Europe are at risk. In the Netherlands this concerns more than 950 cars. According to Ford, no injuries or deaths have occurred in the reported incidents.

A recall is in the offing, but at this time there is no solution to the fire hazard. It turns out to be a technically complicated problem, for which there is simply no solution at the moment. According to insiders, it could well lead to the batteries having to be completely redesigned. Duped buyers of the new Ford Kuga must therefore count on the fact that they will not be able to drive electrically for months. Dutch buyers are offered an extended warranty period and 500 euros of free fuel as compensation.

Last year, Ford sold more than 153,000 copies of the Kuga in Europe. This year the completely new generation was introduced, which is also available as a plug-in hybrid for the first time.