Five suspects arrested for kidnapping Lady Gaga’s dogs

Five people suspected of kidnapping Lady Gaga’s dogs and shooting the dog walker were arrested on Thursday. That has been announced by the police in Los Angeles.

The investigative services do not assume that the kidnappers knew that it was the singer’s dogs. The value of the dogs would be the motive for the robbery. French bulldogs are very popular and expensive; they can yield thousands of euros. That is why they are stolen more often.

At the end of February, an employee of the walking service that hired Lady Gaga was ambushed in Los Angeles by gunmen. The dog walker was shot in the chest. After a struggle, two of the three dogs were taken. They were returned two days later.

The five have been arrested for theft and attempted murder. Police tracked the suspects with surveillance footage of the alley where the two unharmed French bulldogs tied to a stake were left by the kidnappers. The woman who ‘found’ the animals and brought them back would also have been arrested.

The singer, who was filming in Italy at the time, offered a $ 500,000 reward for the golden tip to find her dogs.

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