Forum weekly magazine Viva will continue to exist after August 2

The forum of women’s magazine Viva will continue to exist after August 2, publisher DPG Media reports. It is the only part of Viva that does not disappear, contrary to previous posts. The weekly magazine Viva, which forms the basis of the forum, will be published for the last time at the end of July after almost fifty years.

Director Joyce Nieuwenhuis of the magazine branch of DPG Media says in Trouw that the decision was taken because of the many disappointed reactions from users. It is still unclear in what form the forum will be continued, that will be determined in the near future.

The anonymity of users is in any case guaranteed. Nieuwenhuis: “The power of the forum is that you can share problems, solutions and thoughts without really having to make yourself known.”

The forum has 2.8 million users. You can exchange ideas about everything from parenting tips to fashion, and from mental health to relationships.

Late April 1 joke

Users on the forum are delighted with the news. birdie says, “This is the best news of the evening!” Calamitycat let us know: “I really just can’t believe it. And I wanted to go to bed.”

However, there are also users who wonder whether it is a belated April 1 joke and whether DPG could not have made this decision earlier, because many users have already switched to Viafora, for example.

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