‘Frank Snoeks had tipped off the editors: they are going to do something fun at Telstar’

At the end of the year, the reporters of NOS Sport always explain a memorable job of the past year. This corona year there are much fewer than usual, but they are there. V.andaag: Martin Vriesema and the charm of Telstar.

“My colleague Frank Snoeks had tipped off the editors:” They are going to do something fun at Telstar. There is a nice repo in it. ” Frank sometimes sits in the stands at that cult club from Velsen, when it was still allowed, in the pre-corona era. He lives around the corner, knows a lot about the white lions. “

Smell of sweat farther than ever

“2020 was a strange year, also for sports reporters. For a while there was nothing at all, then we only made topics about top athletes training at home. Home videos without any laughter. Remote interviews thanks to Zoom, Facetime or Skype. The smell of sweat was further away than ever. Alas! “

“So if there was something to be filmed on location, albeit corona-related, we bounced back. At Telstar, supporters could pick up meals to support the club financially. That was the starting point, but between the lines, and the fish salads and during dessert, much more happened. The Telstar initiative was mainly about the social function of a football club. We are in a strange crisis and we help each other. “

“During the first lockdown, many feared that Telstar would be the first professional football club that would not survive. But Telstar is a cat with nine lives.”

“If it is allowed again later, I will ask if Frank has a ticket left. Go Telstar.”

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