German beach volleyball players boycott tournament in Qatar because of bikini ban

German beach volleyball players Karla Borger and Julia Sude will not participate in the first WorldTour match of the season in Qatar next month in protest. The duo boycotts the tournament because of the strict dress code.

It is the first time that women are allowed to participate in the tournament in Qatar. The authorities have determined that the participants are not allowed to play in the usual bikinis. Instead, they have to play their matches in a T-shirt and knee-length pants.

The German couple finds that unacceptable. “It’s not about whether we wear a lot or little clothes. It’s about not being able to do our job in our work clothes,” said 33-year-old Sude.

The international volleyball association FIVB has asked to respect the culture and traditions of the host country. The 32-year-old Borger says about this: “We are always ready to adapt in every country. But beach volleyball is damn intensive and in the heat of Qatar you are only sweating.”

Four Dutch couples

The four-star tournament in Qatar lasts from 8 to 12 March and has a prize pool of 300,000 dollars. In addition, points can be earned towards qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

On behalf of the Netherlands, the couples Sanne Keizer / Madelein Meppelink, Raïsa Schoon / Katja Stam, Marleen van Iersel / Pleun Ypma and the sisters Mexime and Emi van Driel participate.

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