German Football Association suspends Stuttgart striker for playing under a false name

Silas Katompa Mvumpa of VfB Stuttgart has been suspended for three months by the German Football Association and fined 30,000 euros. The footballer from Congo was sentenced for playing under a false name.

The German Bundesliga club and the attacker have accepted the penalty. The suspension for Mvumpa will last until September 11.

Stuttgart reported on Tuesday that the player had admitted to being the victim of fraudulent practices by his former agent and that Wamangituka is not his real name. He is also a year older than originally believed.

Mvumpa says he changed his identity under pressure from his real estate agent, driven to despair in his dream of succeeding as a professional footballer.

“I have lived in constant fear for the past few years,” Mvumpa said on Tuesday. “I was also very concerned about my family in Congo. It was a big step for me to reveal my story.”

Circumstances taken into account

The judgment took into account the difficult circumstances of the player. The German Football Association also says it is happy for him that he can now close this chapter.

Wamangituka has become a big name in the Bundesliga, scoring 11 times last season. With an estimated market value of 25 million euros, he is in theory even the most expensive player in Stuttgart, which finished ninth.

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