German speed riders fill the Dutch state treasury in the first four months of this year

Belgians and French were also inspected more often. In any case, the CJIB observes an increase in the number of traffic violations in the first months of 2022. This is also probably a result of the increase in the number of traffic movements since corona.

When it comes to speeding, 2020 was a ‘dip year’ with 6.4 million fines. Last year the number was already 6.7 million and it is expected that it will be even more this year. Up to and including April, almost two million people have already received a ticket for speeding.

The agreement that countries within the EU can collect fines from each other no longer applies to Great Britain since Brexit. The CJIB was therefore unable to fine a single Briton in the first four months of this year. In 2021, with 214 fines, it was not much anymore, but by comparison: in 2020, so before Brexit, 31,934 speed drivers from Great Britain were fined here.

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