GGDs offer compensation to people whose data has been stolen | NOW

The GGDs offer compensation to approximately 1,250 people. These are people whose data has been stolen from computer systems, the umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland reported on Friday. Victims can receive an amount of 500 euros.

The last letters to victims were sent on Friday, the organization says. More than 750 people have recently received a message. More than half of them have accepted the amount offered. A dozen people do not agree and the rest have not heard anything yet.

About a year ago it became known that GGD employees traded private data of people who had been tested for the corona virus. That information was extracted from the GGD systems and sold on online marketplaces. The main suspects were convicted in September.

According to Foundation Initiatives Collective Actions Mass Damage (ICAM Foundation), there are many more victims than the GGD GHOR says. The foundation assumes a possible 6.5 million people and has therefore filed a mass claim. About 130,000 people have joined.

The foundation wants 1,500 euros in compensation for people whose data has been stolen. People who are in the GGD systems and who were at risk of theft should also receive 500 euros, according to the ICAM Foundation.