Google will refrain from building three large data centers Wieringermeer | NOW

Google is going to scrap the construction of three large data centers in the Wieringermeer. This is due to a change in the original building plans, the company tells

In a response to, a spokesperson wrote to Google that the company has no additional construction plans for the data center in Middenmeer, which has been in use since December. “Data center technology and designs are constantly changing. We have decided to rethink our plans,” said the spokesperson.

Furthermore, there are as yet no plans to build other data centers in the Netherlands. Work on the data center in Eemshaven will continue as usual.

The arrival of the data center in the Wieringermeer raised a lot of resistance in society and politics. In 2019, research by The Telegraph that Google would receive a 70 percent discount on the construction fee from the municipality of Hollands Kroon if it were to build four data centers in the municipality.

In March wrote The Telegraph that the dikes in the Wieringermeer will have to be raised by the arrival of the data center. It has been established by law that the dikes must be raised if the economic value of an area increases. However, the costs will be recovered from the taxpayers, provincial authorities warned in a letter to the municipality of Hollands Kroon.

Improvement: The original message stated that Google purchases energy from a local wind farm in the municipality of Hollands Kroon. This turned out to be incorrect. Google has also announced why it has scrapped the building plans.


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