Hans Nijenhuis stops after five years as editor-in-chief AD

Hans Nijenhuis stops as editor-in-chief of the Algemeen Dagblad (AD). He will step down from his position on 1 July after five years. Nijenhuis becomes a writing editor at the newspaper.

He says on the AD website that he has achieved the goals he set when he was appointed. According to him, a broader audience has been reached and the number of subscribers has been increasing since May 2019. “We are no longer just of paper. We make text, video, audio – whatever our audience wants. We are growing. A great moment to make room. to make.”

De Hagenaar says that everyone in a position of power must decide for himself when he wants to transfer that power. “It was a great honor to be editor-in-chief of the AD. That chair is comfortable, but it is not my chair, it is borrowed. It is from the newspaper.”

The editor-in-chief came under fire in 2017 for a performance on a talk show Jinek about the newspaper’s oliebollen test. Faced with a donut baker who got a 1, while the testers never give it lower than a 3, he said: “If you bake the way you talk, I’m not so surprised that you finished last.”

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