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Many patients still experience pain complaints after hernia surgery. In a quarter, further (pain) treatment is required within a year after the procedure. This is evident from research by Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN), Vektis, the Radboud University Medical Center, the Sint Maartenkliniek and the Amphia Hospital. The results of hernia operations have been visualized for the first time. The study was conducted in 7000 patients.

All parties who participated in the study consider it important that the quality of care is transparent to the patient. Only in this way can a patient make a good choice in treatment. The researchers also detailed the results in an article published in the Global Spine Journal. This is an international journal of spine surgery.

A hernia operation has a success rate of 70%. It was unknown what happened to the patients whose hernia surgery did not have the desired result. 23% of the operated hernia patients had so much pain that a new operation and / or heavy painkillers (opiates) was necessary. The most important conclusion is that a hernia operation is not the solution. This is important for the patient, but also for the doctors around the patient; advise a patient well. Two operations in a year or having to take opiates on a regular basis is not what patients want.

Physiotherapy for hernia complaints

Physiotherapy is very useful for hernia complaints. Most patients with hernia complaints recover well without surgery. 80% recover within six to eight weeks. The first treatment for people with hernia complaints therefore also consists of physiotherapy. If this has insufficient effect, referral to a doctor can take place. The above research has also shown that a hernia operation is by no means always useful.

Hernia also visible in people without complaints

Many people without complaints also show a hernia on an MRI scan. This shows that a hernia does not always have to be a problem. Doctors are therefore increasingly reluctant to perform operations. If the hernia actually causes muscle failure, surgery is useful. If the hernia only causes pain, the question is whether surgery is worthwhile.

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