Holidaymakers pay attention: in this country you can now get up to two years in prison for taking pictures of accidents

For emergency responders and rescue workers, road users who take pictures or film with their mobile phones after accidents are a growing problem. Not only because the braking motorists cause traffic jams in this way, but also because bystanders filming make it difficult for rescuers to gain access to the injured.

In the worst case, the emergency services are literally hindered in their work, so that victims cannot be helped properly with all the consequences that entails. There are also more and more incidents in which the emergency services are openly confronted with aggression when they ask onlookers to clear the way and to put their mobile phones away.

To prevent this problem from getting out of hand, the German criminal code has been amended on this point. From now on, fines of up to 1000 euros will be given. In extreme cases, a prison sentence of up to two years can also be served. This problem has also been an issue in the Netherlands for years.

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