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We have been working from home for six months now. Many companies like this, and it will also be possible to work from home structurally after the corona crisis. Many people also saw this on our response platform NUjij: 50 percent of the more than eighteen thousand voters in our poll would like to see working from home become the norm, and 34 percent would prefer to work in the office for a few days. Some of the best responses.

Working from home has many advantages

WM_V: “Less traffic jams during rush hour, everyone can determine and organize their own workplace (warm / cold, fresh air window open / closed, music yes / no). In addition, meetings are also much more effective via the digital highway. Social contacts can remain via a virtual cup of coffee or a drink. It is nice to chat about anything and everything in such an office garden, but many colleagues are unnecessarily distracted by this. “

“I understand that it is not possible for everyone, but if someone wants to work in the office for a few days, that’s fine. Don’t know if there has already been a study about absenteeism during the homeworking period, but I can imagine that it will be less is. “

‘Most Dutch people benefit from it’

Jazeem_Arteck: “Working from home is good for the housing market, traffic jams, environmental pollution, work-life balance, social control, small city centers, you name it. Of course some people will have to go to the office from time to time and for some people it is a must because of unworkable home situation But on the whole, most Dutch people working from home benefit from it. “

“Solutions must be found for the physical complaints that many people have to contend with due to sitting still. A free gym subscription through your work, for example, is necessary.”

“It is also necessary to look carefully at the extra costs involved in working from home. Heating your house for a hundred days a year is not free, for example. Extra food, coffee, equipment, and all kinds of other things that the company normally arranges, it counts well on all. “

‘You always have your work with you now’

L_Otnav: “I am really not in favor, especially because it complicates the work-life balance for many people. Because when can you switch off your work phone? At exactly 5 pm? Or only after you have finished something?”

“You don’t leave your work behind as soon as you step out of the door of your office. Now you always have it with you, as it were. Some of them can handle it just fine, but a lot of them can’t.

‘I feel that motivation is getting worse’

Pewwy: “Working from home five days a week is getting worse and worse. I miss people around me, I miss real contact, busyness, fun, having lunch together, just everything together. No idea how long this will take, but for me it is I have reached the point that it is becoming increasingly difficult. Where in the beginning I was able to do a lot more at home with a lot of energy, I now feel that my motivation is sinking. “

‘Productivity plummets due to poor workplace’

Deleohostem: “I myself have noticed that I find working from home terrible. Little or no social contact, productivity plummets mainly due to a relatively poorly equipped workplace (a desk, unfortunately ‘only’ one screen) and distraction. I notice this from many other colleagues it is actually better that productivity increases and that less stress is experienced. “

“If I weighed all that up, I would opt for a flexible option in which the employee can indicate whether and how much he / she wants to work from home, if the position, tasks and work environment allow this of course.”

‘A good balance between working from home and at the office is important’

BrB79: I notice that working from home makes my world a lot smaller. Unconsciously you become more inactive, I notice this because I have been falling asleep worse in recent weeks. Because the pressure is less to ‘shine’ in the workplace, you poop and crawl too much into your shell.

“When I have a video meeting, I am nervous when I don’t have one at the office. I am also more likely to get annoyed when I receive an unsolicited call. Working from home should not become the norm, but a good balance between working from home and at the office is important!”


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