Horeca takes State to court to force reopening | NOW

The branch organization Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is taking the Dutch State to court. “We are close to despair,” said a statement.

Some statements by Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge have not been well received by the hospitality sector. He retired last weekend The Telegraph that there is little hope for the hospitality industry.

“Culture, events and sports are simply smaller and safer to organize. Also for the retail trade, apart from testing, you can make things possible earlier. When the catering industry opens, you get an enormous increase in contact moments and thus in infections. all space disappears “, says De Jonge.

KHN is not satisfied with this and has therefore decided to go to court. “Catering entrepreneurs are close to despair and no longer accept the discrimination”, the trade association said. KHN wants compensation and wants the cabinet to make an emergency provision to reopen the catering industry as soon as possible.

The trade association starts proceedings on the merits and asks the judge to declare that the State is acting unlawfully “by violating the fundamental rights of catering businesses so seriously without properly substantiating the necessity thereof and without compensating the damage”.

KHN wants emergency facilities

KHN also wants emergency measures to be taken to open the catering industry as quickly as possible and to inspect all advice and research reports that the government uses to decide on the corona measures.

“We are deeply disappointed in this cabinet. The epidemiological situation is persistently adhered to, while the medical parameters on which decisions are based change regularly. In the meantime, the catering industry is becoming increasingly oppressed”, says chairman Robèr Willemsen.

“The mandatory closure of the catering industry plus the fact that the support from the government does not cover 100 percent of the costs, means that many entrepreneurs face bankruptcy, with all the consequences – both business and private – that entails.”

The government does not anticipate the process

The cabinet cannot anticipate the lawsuit of the catering industry, a spokesman for the Ministry of Economic Affairs said Monday evening.

The ministry does point to a recent extension of the Fixed Cost Allowance (TVL) on 21 January. This means that more entrepreneurs can make use of the scheme and that more aid is granted. In the first week after the scheme opened on February 15, 46,000 applications were received. Nineteen thousand of these applications have already been approved, reports Economic Affairs on Monday. That costs 160 million euros.

The number of applications is much higher than the number of applications in the first week after the opening of the TVL scheme in the last quarter of last year. Then it concerned 26,000 applications.

Entrepreneurs can still apply until April 30.


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