House prices continue to rise, housing costs on average 360,000 euros in January | NOW

The prices of existing owner-occupied homes were 9.3 percent higher in January than in January last year, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the Land Registry. This means that the average owner-occupied home in January cost more than 360,000 euros.

The figures show that the economic consequences of the corona crisis have not yet filtered through to the housing market. Not only did house prices rise in 2020, there were also 7.7 percent more transactions than in 2019.

In January that picture was not much different. In fact, last month there were almost 40 percent more transactions than in January 2020. According to Statistics Netherlands, this is the largest percentage increase since 2015. The statistics office registered a total of 24,516 housing transactions.

Due to the continued demand for owner-occupied homes, the average selling price of an owner-occupied home rose to more than 360,000 euros. That is the highest price ever measured. Compared to the lowest price in June 2013, prices in January were almost 58 percent higher.

Statistics Netherlands points to a change in the rules as a potential reason for the price increase. As of 1 January 2021, the transfer tax for starters up to the age of 35 has been abolished and increased to 8 percent for investors.


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