‘How is Volkswagen on the name Up! come? ‘

Car editor Niek Schenk: “Funny, as you have analyzed this name. But I have to disappoint you. Car manufacturers prefer to choose a model name that can be easily pronounced and understood in as many countries as possible. The English word Up is very international. Nobody at Volkswagen will have thought about how to pronounce those letters separately to create a Dutch word. The Up! was intended as a small car with the space and comfort of a higher class car. Higher, or Up! The exclamation mark is officially included, to underline this again. Volkswagen later explained that the name was also so striking because the U and P were the middle letters in the name of the predecessor of the Up !: the Lupo.

Incidentally, manufacturers sometimes choose to change a model name in certain countries. Because the word in another language has a meaning that they don’t want to be associated with their product. These are often swear words, foul language or words that indicate sex or genitals. ”

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