‘Huawei in talks to sell smartphone brand Honor’ | NOW

According to insiders, Huawei is in talks with a number of parties about the sale of its subsidiary Honor. The company would like to focus less on budget phones.

There are currently three parties that are interested in the Honor brand. One of them is Digital China, which is the main distributor for Honor phones. Other parties are said to be manufacturers TCL and Xiaomi. It is not known how far the talks have progressed. The companies have not responded to the rumors.

What exactly has to be sold is not known. In addition to the Honor brand, development departments and production chains would also be part of the deal. The sale could, according to estimates, yield Huawei up to 3.5 billion euros.

Huawei would have reconsidered its focus due to sanctions that the United States has taken against the company. Because the US suspects Huawei of spying for the Chinese government, Huawei has been blacklisted and the company cannot cooperate with American companies such as Google, among other things. That’s why Huawei makes phones without Google apps and services.