In front of empty stands a conflict develops that the audience deserves

The podium ceremony is also chilly. The days when the winning national anthem was played live by virtuoso musicians are long gone, but the digital notes are completely dead without an audience.

The three drivers are jubilant with the prestigious Ferrari effervescent bubbles, but the only viewers are dozens of focused photographers, who are in another bubble because of corona and have to keep their distance.

Ricciardo has a hard time with it

“I miss the fans enormously. I don’t get used to it. I think it is terrible. Sport is at its best when you can celebrate successes together and we have been missing that for over a year now”, says Daniel Ricciardo after his twentieth grand prix in corona time.

“I recently saw a martial arts match on television in a fairly packed arena. It’s incredible what that does to you. The atmosphere and the ambiance was so intense and it touched me. While I was just sitting in front of a screen.”

The Australian McLaren driver knows that little will change for the time being. “There is nothing better than a full house. That gives me goosebumps, but we have to keep going. I hope that the Formula 1 gates will slowly but surely open again and especially that my home race will continue this autumn,” said the former teammate of Verstappen. “With an audience. Otherwise it is so incredibly bleak.”

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