ING customers cannot transfer money to their own accounts due to a malfunction | Tech

ING customers again have problems with internet banking on Monday afternoon. Due to a malfunction, not all accounts are visible. As a result, they cannot transfer money from a savings account to a checking account.

According to Allestoringen, the problems started around 11 a.m. The website received tens of thousands of reports in a short time.

Many customers are also complaining about the outage on Twitter. They are particularly dissatisfied because the bank has had more problems recently. ING experienced similar disruptions on April 24 and March 24.

“Savings accounts are currently not visible in the app,” confirms an ING spokesperson. “As a result, customers cannot transfer money from, for example, a savings account to a checking account.”

At the end of the morning, ING also had problems with payment transactions. As a result, customers were also unable to log in to internet banking and the ING app. Those issues have already been resolved, the spokesman said. “We are doing everything we can to solve the problems with showing savings accounts as quickly as possible.”