ING: ‘Partial lockdown’ hit the hospitality industry hard, but less than in March | NOW

The catering industry sees a significant decrease in pin traffic as a result of the ‘partial lockdown’, but the blow seems to be less severe than after the catering closure in March. This can be deduced from ING’s pin turnover figures.

On the first day of the new measures, on October 15, pin turnover was 65 percent lower than is normally the case, according to ING. On March 16, the first day of the first lockdown, pin turnover was no less than 85 percent lower than usual.

A possible explanation, according to ING economist Marten van Garderen, is that this time entrepreneurs know better what to expect. “Entrepreneurs may now be better prepared for the changed situation. For example, so that food can be collected or delivered in more places.” A recent increase in the number of online delivery and collection transactions also indicates this.

On the day before the new measures, pin turnover was still slightly above the usual level, at 10 percent. There was a little more debit card payment, but mainly a higher amount was paid: where in recent weeks an average of 15 euros was debited in the catering industry on Wednesdays, that amount was 20 euros on the Wednesday before the second catering closure.