Instagram Suppresses Videos With Political Content In Reels | NOW

Instagram shows videos with a political content in Reels less often, a spokesperson for Instagram owner Facebook confirms after reporting by The Green Amsterdammer and Pointer.

Reels, a service that has been available since August, allows Instagram users to post short videos. Analysts see the service as an answer to TikTok, the video app that gained popularity months before.

“We designed Reels so that you come into contact with people who make fun short video content. That’s why it was decided to downgrade political content”, quote The green and Pointer the Facebook spokesperson. “This is in line with our policy of not prioritizing political content.”

Instagram users can see followers’ Reels in their own view of photos of people they follow, as well as in the dedicated Reels tab in the Instagram app. Only there are political videos suppressed, a Facebook spokesperson clarifies to

The change was made “to make it more difficult to encounter political misinformation on Instagram,” the spokesman said. She points out that it is a broadening of Instagram’s policy not to feature political Reels. has also asked the Facebook spokesperson what exactly the company means by political content, but has not yet received an answer.

It was already known that Facebook and Instagram have policies for advertisements about political and social issues. This includes various topics such as advertising on immigration, climate change and the Black Lives Matter movement.


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