Is a physical job really healthier than an office job? Not according to this study

Do you feel that you are not active enough at your office job? And does that make you feel a little less healthy than people with a lugging job? Don’t worry, because research shows that people with an office job are healthier than people with a physical job. But what about that?

People who are engaged in heavy work, such as a construction worker or floor layer, eat much less vegetables and more sugar. They often quickly grab something in between that is handy to take with them and fills well. A whole vegetable cart doesn’t really fit in with that. They also experience more stress and sleep worse than a person with a desk job. While you would think that if you are physically active during the day working, you will fall asleep faster. People with a physical job do score better than office workers when it comes to less alcohol consumption. People with an office job drink an average of 5.1 glasses of alcohol per week and a person with a physical job 3.4 glasses.

Nutrition is the most important lifestyle element to improve the health of Dutch employees. More fruit and vegetables and less saturated fat and sugar in the workplace can make a big difference.

Why is an office job healthier?

More than forty percent of entrepreneurs in the SME sector are concerned about high absenteeism among staff. This is the conclusion of the insurer Interpolis from a study. Companies with healthy employees are more successful. But how healthy the employees really are is difficult to measure. The Smart Health health index is a measure of the health of employees within an organization. The index provides insight into one comprehensive lifestyle figure. It is based on medically validated data in areas such as exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep.

Various data have emerged from the health index from the data of 11,000 employees of companies such as AFAS, Zeeman, Kadaster and SPAR. It is possible to improve the values ​​of the health index and thus reduce absenteeism within a company by twenty percent. The stress level will therefore decrease by thirty percent and the heart risk will be reduced by 28 percent. It turns out that an office job has more advantages than a physical job. Don’t you feel active enough at your office job? Then go for a walk during the break or go for a workout after work.

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Is a physical job really healthier than an office job? Not according to this study