Journalists’ union NVJ wants to talk to Wilders about tweet

“To blacken journalists is to blacken the rule of law,” NVJ secretary Bruning responded to the tweet yesterday. “It makes it impossible for journalists to do their job. Politicians should know better. Approach each other on content, never on unfounded stigmas.”


The NVJ fears that people may see such statements as justification for aggression against journalists. Wilders posted his tweet on the day that a study by PersVeilig showed that eight out of ten journalists have experienced some form of aggression or threat.

“That research makes it clear how much journalism in the broad sense has to do with intimidation and violence. If someone who represents an important part of the Dutch electorate with such a tweet gives his supporters a legitimacy not to trust journalists and use them as scumbags.” of the ledge, what does that mean for the worrying situation that journalists are already in?” Bruning told NOS.

“We would like to make it clear in the conversation that Wilders has a responsibility in this. He should know how much trouble you can suffer from intimidation and threats.”

Several journalists expressed their criticism of Wilders’ tweet on Saturday:

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