Julia Ducournau second ever female director to win Palme d’Or

Then there was confusion in the room. In the end, the ceremony ‘just’ continued with the prize for the best actor. The 37-year-old Ducournau only came on stage when Titane was later officially announced as the winner.

Titane is a thriller with horror elements about a female serial killer who pretends to be a man to escape the police. She also has a sexual fascination with metal, especially cars. The film was praised beforehand for its originality and energy.

In recent years there has been a lot of criticism about the lack of female representation at the French festival. Actresses such as Cate Blanchett and Salma Hayek took to the red carpet to protest gender inequality in 2018. Cannes promised improvement, but critics saw little in return. The number of female directors competing for the top prize was still quite limited.

No prices for Dutch people

At this year’s edition, Dutch people were also nominated. Paul Verhoeven made with his film Benedetta, about the love between two lesbian nuns, chance to win the prize. Gijs Naber was in the race for the prize for best actor, as lead actor in The Story of My Wife. Both were out of the question.

Last year the Cannes Film Festival was canceled due to the corona pandemic. In 2019, the Golden Palm went to South Korean director Bong Joon-ho for parasite. The film was later awarded the Oscar for best picture.

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