Kampong loses top match and bleeding Janssen, battle for play-offs is nearing boiling point

He is already one of the most talked about hockey players of this year in the league. International Jip Janssen also played a leading role in the top match between leader Bloemendaal and number two Kampong, although his influence was limited to the first two quarters.

Kampong has not been able to beat Bloemendaal at home for six years. The absence of internationals Jonas de Geus and Terrance Pieters and the knowledge that Bloemendaal was full of self-confidence after the overall victory in the Euro Hockey League, did not make the task any easier for the Utrecht leader.

Bloemendaal started the game better and came early in the game to 0-1 via Yannick van der Drift, who hit goal through the hands of goalkeeper David Harte.

Jansen scores and collects

Jansen pushed the equalizer into Bloemendaal’s goal from the first penalty corner of the match. Then fate struck for the penalty corner specialist.

Florian Fuchs pushed the ball hard in the face of Jansen, who then blew the retreat with a bag of ice on his bloody face.

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