Kassa investigation: hotel rooms in our country are filthy

Many hotel rooms in our country are not cleaned properly, despite stricter corona protocols. It appears that cleaners do not clean beds and toilets and leave used towels in the room.

This is evidenced by a sample of six well-known hotels conducted by the consumer program Cash desk (BNNVARA), which collaborated with travel journalist Daan Vermeer for this. The journalists used a UV marker with which they left marks on twenty objects in the rooms. When they made a new reservation for the same room shortly after their overnight stay under a different name, it turned out that in almost all cases it had not been properly cleaned.

Bed linen not replaced in hotel rooms

The journalists booked rooms in branches of Bastion (Utrecht), Best Western (Amsterdam), Fletcher (Amersfoort), Ibis (Haarlem), NH Hotel (Utrecht) and Van der Valk (De Bilt).

At the Bastion hotel, the pillowcases, duvets and sheets of both beds were found not to have been replaced. At the visited hotels of Fletcher, Ibis and NH Hotel, only one of the two beds was changed. Only one hotel had the toilet completely cleaned.

A photo of an untidy hotel room, hotel rooms are often dirty

In five of the six rooms, much of the markings left behind on the light switches, desks and bedside tables were found. Several towels also turned out not to have been replaced. The Bastion hotel made it very colorful: the plastic disposable cup that had been used for drinking turned out to be still there.

Great time pressure, thinks CNV Professionals

The findings are another signal to CNV Vakmensen that hotel cleaners have to do their job under too great time pressure. Reports about this are regularly received via the reporting point for hotel cleaners. “We know that this is the tip of the iceberg,” says manager Jan Kampherbeek. “Many hotel cleaners are afraid to report for fear of losing their job. The biggest problem is that many cleaners are under tremendous pressure and don’t have enough time to properly clean a room. It must all be as cheap as possible. ‘

Consumer guide on hotel rooms

The organization has therefore been urging for years that hotels take their responsibility and sign the Cleaning Code. In doing so, they promise to treat and pay cleaners properly per hour worked and not per room cleaned. Kampherbeek: “We argue for a national consumer guide, so that consumers can quickly see whether a hotel has signed the Cleaning Code or not.”

The hotels have stated in separate responses that they are taking the TV program’s findings seriously and are reviewing their cleaning protocols and controls.

Kassa can be seen tomorrow evening at 7.05 pm on NPO 1.

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Kassa investigation: hotel rooms in our country are filthy