Klopp mourns Van Dijk: “Is anyone interested in Ajax?”

Klopp also did not escape questions about Van Dijk’s injury. “Things like that happen, but it shouldn’t have happened. The referee didn’t see it, while he had the best view. It’s hard to deal with this.”

“But I’m here for questions about tomorrow’s game. You always want to get this back,” Klopp replied frustrated to the English press.

‘Ajax is a top club’

Once talking about Ajax, Klopp speaks full of praise for the team from Amsterdam. “Ajax is a top club. Even if they played in England, they would do well. But they play in the Netherlands and I love the premier league.”

“They have a very good youth academy. When they sell players, the next ones are ready. It is a beautiful club with a great appearance, a good coach and a lot of talent. After that semi-final they have a top team again,” Klopp said.

Wijnaldum has been back in the Netherlands for the first time at club level since his departure from PSV in 2011. “Of course it is special to return. I have often played here with Feyenoord and PSV. And of course Orange. It is really a shame that there are no supporters, but that is the situation.”