KNGU in appeal against judgment in summary proceedings gymnastics coach Vincent Wevers

Gymnastics union KNGU will appeal against the verdict in the summary proceedings of Vincent Wevers. Last week, the gymnastics coach forced through the court that he may act as coach of the Dutch gymnastics team during the Tokyo Olympics.

The KNGU still supports its decision not to nominate Wevers as a member of the coach team for the Tokyo Games. The so-called turbo emergency appeal that the association has requested has been awarded. The oral hearing will take place next Monday.

Wevers announced two weeks ago that he would institute summary proceedings because he did not agree with the decision of the gymnastics association to keep him at home during the Games.

‘Prevent unrest’

The gymnastics association decided that because of an investigation by the Institute for Sport Jurisprudence (ISR) that is running against him for alleged transgressive behaviour. Wevers previously said he did not recognize himself in the allegations. By leaving Wevers at home, the KNGU wanted to ‘create clarity and prevent unrest within the national team’.

“I am of course happy that we won and that I can guide the athletes”, Wevers said on Friday after the verdict, which turned out in his favor. “I have also done that for the past ten years in the service of the KNGU. I am not here for myself, but to serve the sport and to prepare the athletes as much as possible for Tokyo.”

View Vincent Wevers’ reaction below after the summary proceedings of last Friday, which turned out in his favor.

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