Label, manager and DJ want a second chance for Bilal Wahib, does everyone else want that too?

The NPO says that DJ Hoogendoorn can choose whether he wants to play Wahib’s music. “When we decided not to play Bilal Wahib on the station for a while, we indicated that it was a decision between the station (3FM), the broadcasters and the DJs. But we also said: if there are DJs who do If you want to run, you can,” said a spokesperson. The same goes for FunX DJs.

Because Wahib is not part of 3FM’s core programming, the situation on 3FM will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future, the spokesperson said. The programming of Talpa’s radio stations will not change either, says a spokesperson. Radio 538 has never boycotted Wahib. “So not now.” Talpa’s other radio stations, such as Radio 10, Veronica and Skyradio, were not already playing his music, so nothing will change there either, says the spokesperson.

It is still unclear what other radio stations are doing, they were not available for comment.


While one person thinks it is good that Wahib’s music is played again, another thinks that the artist must still be on the blisters of his action. The situation is divisive, something that happens more often when a celebrity is discredited, says Irene Stengs, professor by special appointment of anthropology of ritual and popular culture (VU and Meertens Institute).

“People just don’t agree on things like this. On the one hand, celebrities are often forgiven in such a way, such as adultery or speeding, but on other issues, the moral outrage can linger for a long time.”

Because Hoogendoorn probably thinks Wahib is a good actor and rapper, he has convinced himself that these qualities are worth making one bad joke, says Stengs. “Those qualities then send the perspective in the other direction.”

Music connoisseur Leo Blokhuis and radio DJ Gerard Ekdom already discussed whether an artist’s behavior is a good reason to boycott music:

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