Lamborghini gives in to electric cars

Lamborghinis are known for their crazy acceleration. But the brand no longer sees this characteristic as determining the quality of a copy. Against the Australian website Car Advice Lamborghini Asia Pacific’s new boss Francesco Scardaoni says driveability and dynamics are now key factors in determining how good a car is.

“Ten years ago, the top speed, acceleration and then the”handling“the top three most important parameters to determine how good a Lamborghini is,” says Scardaoni. “Then the top speed became less important and with the advent of electrification, acceleration is also less important.” Scardaoni refers to cars like the Tesla Model S Plaid, which can sprint from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.1 seconds.

He argues that rapid acceleration is not everything – there is more. According to him, what makes the difference now is the driving characteristics of a car. The brand will focus on that even more from now on. “Because if your car is fast, but heavy and unwieldy in the corners, you cannot enjoy really fast driving.”

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