Leaked videos show concept images of Samsung’s augmented reality glasses | NOW

Concept images of Samsung AR glasses have appeared online. The videos were released by a twitterer WalkingCat, which has more often published accurate information about unannounced Samsung products.

In one of the films a Samsung Glasses Lite can be seen. The gadget resembles large sunglasses and has screens in the glasses on which images can be projected. The concept video shows how a large screen can be projected in the area, on which you can watch a movie or play games.

The glasses can be dimmed to block out bright light. The glasses can also be used to watch from a drone while it is being operated.

A second video also shows AR glasses, the Samsung AR Glasses. It may be a different version of the glasses. This variant seems more aimed at business use. For example, a keyboard is projected together with a screen on which the user can type.

The concept video also shows how a man video calls with two other people, who then appear in the room. This makes it seem as if they are present together.

Little is known about both glasses

Little is known about both glasses. For example, nothing is clear about the technology and the resolution of the images. It is also unknown if and when Samsung will officially announce the glasses.

The company wouldn’t be the only one working on AR glasses. The best-known variant is Microsoft’s HoloLens, which is already for sale. Facebook and Apple would also work on AR glasses.


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