Leclerc starts Monaco GP in a seat, Verstappen needs a shower

Verstappen also hated it, and probably much more than his rival. “We were aiming for second place on the grid and that was really in it. It was not good in practice. I had little grip at the front and the car didn’t steer well, but after some adjustments it felt a lot better in qualifying .”

“Sainz and Pérez were not improving their time and I was, but I had to cut off my best lap because suddenly two cars were in the way”, Verstappen looks back on the restless apotheosis caused by a Pérez who overlooks a bend , who was then tapped by the surprised Sainz.

rain shower

For a moment it thundered on board the RB18 of the Limburger. “Yes, then you curse for a while. It sucks. Bales, because I only had to win a fraction. Oh, you can’t change it. It’s the chaos that belongs to Monaco. And I knew Ferrari would be strong here , so that’s not so troubling.”

The world champion hopes for a rain shower this afternoon. “That’s our only chance to get things straight. If it stays dry it will be difficult. You can’t follow very well here with these cars. Then everything overheats.”