License plate brings in millions during auction

The badge was sold at a charity auction to help fight world hunger. The license plate numbers ‘F55’, ‘V66’ and ‘Y66’ were also sold for almost 1 million euros each during the auction.

The most expensive number plate in the world, consisting of the number ‘1’, was sold in 2008 to Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri of Abu Dhabi for 14 million dollars, or 13 million euros. The second most expensive license plate is the one with the combination AA9. It was auctioned last year for 9.5 million euros.

The most valuable number plate is probably that of British car designer Afzal Kahn. He bought ‘F1’ in 2008 for more than 522,000 euros, but he says he has already turned down an offer of almost 24 million euros. The most expensive license plate for sale right now is a California one. It bears the letters MM and costs 22.8 million euros.

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