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Linda de Mol will no longer say anything about abuses at The Voice

Presenter Linda de Mol is going to say “nothing at all” about the abuses at The Voice of Holland. Two weeks ago it became clear that band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, with whom De Mol had a long relationship, was guilty of sexually transgressive behaviour.

Moreover, it turned out yesterday that monthly magazine Linda already received signals of cross-border behavior from coach Ali B in the summer of 2020, but it was not published at the time. However, the creative director of the magazine said that after consultation with the victims, the editors contacted Tim Hofman, presenter of the program ANGRY.

“Intensely false”

In a statement on the website of monthly magazine Linda, De Mol now says that she intended to tell everything “honestly and openly” on her own platform as soon as she “would have gotten out of the heavy hole a little bit”, but that she now does. won’t do anymore.

She lashes out at “a handful of sensationalist opinion makers”, and mentions Beau van Erven Dorens, Rob Goossens, Youp van ‘t Hek and the, according to De Mol, “intensely false” AD media columnist Angela de Jong.

“Why in God’s name would I do such an interview?”, De Mol wonders. “If everything I say is dismissed by these ‘experts’ as ‘twisting, lying, covering up, exercising power, disguising’. If even the fact that I told the stories of two girls who confidentially told us about Ali B to my brother because that was the explicit wish of the victims, interpreted as irresponsible or not credible.”

Severe Addiction

De Mol repeats in the statement that she did not know anything about the misconduct of Rietbergen at The Voice. She also stands up for her brother John de Mol, who in ANGRY said he was aware of one incident. “He spoke the full truth,” says Linda de Mol.

The presenter says that the “lie is with someone else”, referring to Rietbergen. “Someone who turns out to have a serious addiction. That is a characteristic of addiction, namely, distorting the truth, but it has now been destroyed enough, so to throw him in front of the bus even more seems unnecessary. And I grant the above types not for example Boulevard or to twist and pant quotes from my story in their gossip newspaper and take them out of context again.”

De Mol calls on victims to contact her through her monthly magazine. “I’d love to tell you personally how sorry I am and that I would have done something about it had I known, but I didn’t know.”

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