Lockdown or not: these 10 activities are always possible

A night at the pub is not possible for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you have to get bored. Enough to do! Lockdown or not: you can always undertake these ten activities.

A walk, Netflix, get coffee. They are all typical ‘lockdown activities’, which you are certainly familiar with. But have you ever thought about these tips?

Lockdown Activities

1. Eat, eat and eat some more

Plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen! Get your cookbook off the shelf and get started with the tastiest recipes. For example, make your own pasta, or fill a quiche with the tastiest ingredients. Lets eat.

2. Take a cold dip

More and more people are discovering the joy of swimming in icy water these days. Not a bad idea: swimming in cold water gives your body a boost and you also make dopamine. A fun activity to do with a group of friends, if only to see who screams the loudest.

3. Bake a cake

Or ten cupcakes. Not only tasty, but also meditative. Moreover, nothing beats the smell of fresh apple pie at home. Yum!

4. Take a course

Nowadays you can learn everything online and often for free. Investing, Photoshopping, knitting, CPR: what do you want to learn more about?

4. Movie Marathon

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Create your own home theater and listen to Dumbledore’s wisdom while watching the latest Harry Potter films in succession. A super relaxed activity to get through the lockdown.

5. Set new goals

What moments from the previous year have stayed with you? Sometimes it is good to take a moment to reflect on what you have done in a year and what things you still want to achieve. List your goals. The more specific, the better.

6. Learn a new game

Tired of Uno or Monopoly? Challenge yourself and learn a new game. For example, dive into the world of chess, or start a challenging sudoku.

7. Start a book club

An exciting thriller on your own is nice, but wouldn’t you love to discuss the story with others? Gather some friends and get together to discuss a book. Agree that everyone in the club may propose a book. This way you might come across stories that you would never have read otherwise!

8. Walk a dog

Owner happy, you happy, dog happy. Walking with a wagging animal on a leash will make your day in one go. On websites such as honduitlaten.nl and petbnb.nl you can find plenty of dogs that like to go outside with you.

9. Write a card

Just because it’s fun. Let your grandma know you’re thinking of her, or send a card to someone who is feeling down. An easy way to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

10. Pimp your interior

Could your wall use a new color? Or more simply: are there any nice plants you can buy to brighten up your home? We can’t imagine a better time to refurbish your interior.

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