Longer physical and healthy with a stairlift – Health info

Of course everyone would prefer to live independently at home for as long as possible. Some people therefore opt for a bungalow or similar ground floor home at an early stage, but homes with one or more floors can also be easily adapted as soon as you notice that your mobility is deteriorating. Nowadays there are many possibilities in the field of stairlifts. From complete platform lifts to compact standing lifts, there is a suitable stair lift for every staircase and home.

Compact stair lift

Many people think that a stairlift requires a wide, straight staircase. Nothing could be further from the truth! Modern stairlifts are compact and require very little space. The narrow rails can be mounted quickly and easily on both wide and narrow stairs, and tight curves are no problem at all. Compact stairlifts come in many different shapes and can be used in different situations. These stairlifts can often be folded in or out, so that they do not form an annoying obstacle when the stairlift is not in use.

Fit and active for longer

Stairlifts still have a somewhat dusty image. In the past stairlifts were indeed rather bulky and large, but today that is no longer the case! Contrary to the prevailing view, stairlifts are mainly used by fit and active people. These people would like to live independently at home for as long as possible so that they can still enjoy their active lifestyle. Difficulty climbing stairs does not have to be an obstacle.

Independent and comfortable

Many elderly people end up in the nursing home due to a fall or a similar accident in the home environment. By installing a stairlift on time, this risk is drastically reduced and you can move comfortably and safely through your own home. Growing old comfortably in your own familiar home, who wouldn’t want that? However, many people find the price of a stairlift a major obstacle and therefore wait a long time to install a stairlift. The price may seem high, but the costs of a move or a nursing home are many times higher! By installing a stairlift you invest in safety, comfort and independence. In addition, there are also second-hand stairlifts available that can be adapted if necessary. This way, there is a suitable solution for everyone.