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Low-income homeowners can borrow interest-free for a more sustainable home | NOW

The cabinet wants low-income homeowners to be able to take out interest-free loans to make their homes more sustainable, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Wonen) announced on Wednesday. These and other measures should “considerably accelerate” the process of making homes, shops and other buildings more sustainable and help achieve the 2030 climate targets.

De Jonge wants a sustainable home to be feasible for every homeowner. He therefore wants to give owners with lower incomes the opportunity to take out a loan at 0 percent interest. The interest-free loan must be available on 1 October this year, writes De Jonge.

Research would show that 15 to 20 percent of home owners have no money to make their home more sustainable. An interest-free loan could offer a solution for this group. In addition, the subsidy policy will be relaxed.

The measures are intended to ensure that more people can get started with insulating their homes, purchasing a (hybrid) heat pump and an electric stove. For example, De Jonge wants some 2.5 million homes to be made more energy-efficient before the end of this decade.

The cabinet previously announced that the heat pump or a sustainable alternative will be mandatory from 2026 when replacing a central heating system. The cabinet hopes that one million hybrid heat pumps will be installed by 2030, excluding new construction.

There will also be other rules for landlords, which should encourage housing associations and landlords of houses in the free sector to take care of poorly insulated houses as of 1 January 2030. The cabinet will also introduce measures to encourage property owners to make shops and other buildings more sustainable.

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