Mandatory energy label for homes will become considerably more expensive from 1 January | NOW

The energy label required for home sales will become considerably more expensive from 1 January. From then on, owners who want to sell their home must have an energy expert come by for the label, which entails additional costs. The Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH) considers the measure unnecessary, but the association of energy advisers Fedec points out that this will make the labels more reliable.

Anyone who wants to sell a home is obliged to apply for an energy label for that home. Until the end of this year, this can be done digitally, but Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Home Affairs) will require owners to have an energy advisor visit from 2021. This should ensure a more reliable label.

As a result of the measures, the costs for such a label will increase considerably, expected to be several hundred euros. This while home owners are now no more than a few tens. The VEH is therefore not satisfied with the new rules. According to the association, home owners who want to sell their home are hunted for costs, while the new owner has no use for the label.

“The label says nothing about what the buyer can do to make his house more sustainable,” says Hans Andé de la Porte of the VEH. “For example, a consultant measures the contents of the house and the energy it takes to heat the entire house. But it does not say what the new owner can do to improve energy efficiency.”

In addition, an insulation standard will be introduced at the end of next year, which should help make homes free of natural gas. “That standard makes the energy label redundant. So in 2021 you have to pay hundreds of euros for a label that will be redundant by the end of that year”, says André de la Porte.

‘Without expert advice, label is worthless’

The representative of energy advisers Fedec is in favor of the measure. Due to the watchful eye of the advisers, the label provides much more clarity, so that a home buyer knows better how energy-efficient a house or apartment is. Without the advice of an energy expert, the label is a “worthless piece of paper,” the advocacy group said.

Because the rules will change with effect from 2021, many owners have applied for a label cheaply in recent months. According to the VEH, there were several tens of thousands more applicants in recent months than usual at this time. Those who apply for a label before the turn of the year can use it for ten years.

Yet the bullet is not quite through the church. It is true that the rules will change with effect from 2021. But at the request of the House of Representatives, Minister Ollongren is looking into whether the energy label can be applied for online from July next year.


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