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It is mandatory to wear safety shoes and a helmet on the construction site. This does not necessarily mean that they must be black work shoes. There are also safety shoes that are fashionable and sporty without compromising on safety. This ensures that you can now also walk trendy and safe on the construction site.

Sneaker with safety

The work shoes in the form of sneakers are an example that safety can also be trendy. The architect and the health minister can simply wear the sneakers during the viewings. Do tell the contractor that they are safety shoes, otherwise access may be refused. The safety sneaker from the brands Redbrick and Puma have a high safety class, but look identical to regular sneakers.

S-standard safety shoes

The shoes have a class S-3 standard. The sole in particular offers protection against objects. Sharp objects cannot penetrate into the shoe, which prevents foot injuries. Furthermore, the shoe has anti-slip soles to prevent slipping. It is therefore not for nothing that these shoes are often worn in construction, but they are of course also suitable for other professional groups.

Working safely in healthcare

The sneaker safety shoe is also available for women. In healthcare, they are often worn in a white version. We are specifically talking about the white safety clogs. A good fit provides correct support for a lot of walking and standing. In addition to support, hygiene is essential. Shoes should therefore be antibacterial and should be cleaned frequently. In addition to the shoe, the footbed is important. It distributes the pressure on the foot which is not only comfortable, but it prevents overload.

Slipping is a risk

Care facility floors are slippery for practical reasons. This means an increased risk of slipping for healthcare workers. A non-slip sole is an essential prevention of this risk. There are specific standards of non-slip soles for different floors. The properties are indicated by the terms SRA, SRB and SRC.

Shoes are part of the personal protective equipment during work. It is part of several protective equipment that certain professional groups need to work safely. That is also possible with fashionable shoes. The Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge should know because he has a weakness for shoes.

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