Many people are already on the holidays of 2021

Travel organizations and holiday parks notice that the Dutch are very busy with holidays for the coming year. There is already a lot of research and information about May and summer holidays.

In the meantime, holiday parks are trying to be flexible with the travel conditions and it is expected that bookings will attract when the facilities of parks are also allowed to reopen. These are and were closed during lockdowns.

Increased holiday interest

Travel industry organization ANVR notices an “increased interest” in the summer holidays. “You can say wishful thinking, but people are eager to go abroad again, ”said ANVR director Frank Oostdam. Although the travel industry association has good expectations for the second half of 2021, it expects to organize fewer trips due to the corona pandemic compared to 2019. The pandemic has virtually halted travel. The cabinet advises against unnecessary travel until mid-March.

A photo of an empty Corendon counter at Schiphol, few people go on vacation now
An empty Corendon counter at Schiphol, few people go on holiday now. Photo: ANP / Remko de Waal

Center Parcs says that the Christmas days have been used to “do mass online orientation”. Although bookings for the summer holidays are not yet as high as normal, the park believes they will attract, especially when the central facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds reopen. Center Parcs also focuses on flexible booking conditions, such as being able to change from a domestic to a foreign destination. People do not dare to look across the border and domestic bookings are popular, says the spokesman. Center Parcs has nine holiday parks in the Netherlands with between 450 and 1000 houses per park and 25 parks in Europe.

Booking pressure Roompot

Holiday park Roompot, good for 120 holiday parks in the Netherlands, also notes that bookings for next year May to September are “exceptionally well ahead” compared to the same period last year. “It is a clear sign that we plan our holidays differently,” said the spokesman. The bookings come from abroad, but also from Dutch people who, for example, book a house in France, the spokesman said.

Roompot has seen bookings increase in recent years and has therefore already added parks in France and Spain. Roompot announced a total of 51 new parks this year. In the coming months, dozens of parks will also be added in the Netherlands, the spokesman said.

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Many people are already on the holidays of 2021

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